M.A. Thesis Students Supervised

  • Lynda Hayward (1994)
    Thesis title: Second language writers’ processes, performance and perceptions in ESL composition: Case studies of Japanese students.
  • Yuko Uchida (1995)
    Thesis title: Negotiation of culture in post-secondary EFL classes in Japan.
  • Naoko Morita (1996)
    Thesis title: A study of oral academic presentation tasks from a language socialization perspective.
  • Laura Carney (1997)
    Thesis title: A cross-cultural study of communication during social visits: Japanese ESL students as ethnographers in interlanguage pragmatics research.
  • Fong Ping Wong (Deters) (1998)
    Thesis title: The impact of an ESL and health care aide program on immigrants’ lives.
  • Sandra Zappa-Hollman (2001)
    Thesis title: Academic presentations: Exploring the second language socialization of international graduate students across disciplines. [won CMLR Best Grad Student paper award].
  • Nakamura, Emy (2005)
    Thesis title: Language use in Japanese as a foreign language classrooms.
  • Klara Abdi (2009)
    Thesis title: Spanish heritage language learners in Canadian Spanish high school classes: Negotiating ethnolinguistic identities and ideologies. [Winner of CMLR Best Graduate Student Paper Award 2010, Ann Hawson Memorial Award].
  • Roma Inyckyj (2010)
    Thesis title: Learning as laowai: Race, social positioning, and Chinese language acquisition in China.
  • Ella Lester (2010)
    Thesis title: Learning Chinese: Three autobiographical narratives. [won Ann Hawson thesis award].
  • Hong Jiang (2010)
    Thesis title: A social-historical analysis of Chinese heritage language education in British Columbia.
  • Lorita Chiu (2011)
    Thesis title: The construction of the “ideal Chinese child”: A critical analysis of textbooks for Chinese heritage language learners.
  • Sabina Lecke (2011)
    Thesis title: The non-native modern language teacher: Language practices, choices and challenges.
  • Elliott Yates (2012)
    Thesis title: Linguistic analysis of Chinese as an additional language using computational tools.
  • Zheng Bin (2013)
    Thesis title: Negotiating languages and literacies: Intermediate-level Chinese heritage learners’ essay writing.
  • Ting Ting Zhou (2013)
    Thesis title: Language socialization and ideological change in EFL textbooks in China: Grammar, rhetoric, and genres.
  • Sumin Fang (2015)

Thesis title: Engagement with Chinese popular culture in adult Mandarin learning and socialization. [Won Ann Hawson Award]

  • Fiona Bewley (2018). (with D. Li)

Thesis title: Culture and language ideology in Chinese foreign language textbooks: A thematic analysis

  • Li Shuang. (2018). (with D. Li)

Thesis title: Motivation of Mandarin speakers learning Cantonese in a transnational context: multilingualism and investment

  • Masaru Yamamoto (in progress)

    Meaning making in the poster presentation: A multimodal analysis of university students’ task perceptions and performance