Research Funding

Research Grants

Granting Agency
Principal Investigator
Faculty of Education UBC HSS Seed Grant Teaching and learning Chinese in early Mandarin-English bilingual programs COMP $7000 2012-14 Duff  
UBC Hampton Fund Representations of Chinese Language Learning in Contemporary Media. COMP $11,290 2011 Duff  
Hanban Office of Chinese Language Council International, Beijing. CRCLLE   $100K/yr x 3 yrs 2008-11 UBC/Duff Founding Director  

(Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council of Canada)

Language socialization across sociopolitical contexts: Changing ideologies and practices surrounding English as an international language in Hungary and China COMP $143,641 2008-11 Duff Li
SSHRC** Languages, Literacies and Identities of Chinese Heritage-Language Learners at the Post-secondary Level COMP $91,500 2006-09 Li Duff
HSS* Language resocialization in Hungarian bilingual schools: Follow-up study COMP $ 3,000 2004-05 Duff  
SSHRC** Int’l Travel Grant COMP $ 3,172 2002 Duff  
National Academy of Education (USA) The Linguistic anthropology of education: Building momentum and incorporating new perspectives COMP US$ 5,000 2002 Wortham
(U.of Penn.)
Collins, Duff, He, Hornberger, Kamberelis
SSHRC** Language socialization across post-secondary educational programs COMP $ 71,000 2002-05 Duff  
UBC Faculty of Education (Development Funds) Teaching/learning processes in Mandarin as a 2nd language classrooms COMP $ 1,800 2001 Duff  
National Academy of Education/Spencer Postdoctoral Fellowship Language socialization in high school social studies: The construction of knowledge in multicultural discourse communities COMP US$ 45,000 1999-2001 Duff  
SSHRC** Language socialization in a multilingual, multicultural learning organization COMP $ 93,000 1997-2000 Duff B.Mohan, M.Early
UBC, Deans Office Issues and advances in the teaching/learning of Asia-Pacific languages NO $ 5,000 1998 Duff  
Hampton Fund, UBC Socializing language and sociocultural identity from the margins: A study of immigrant women learning English as a second language for the health professions. COMP $ 35,000 1997-98 Duff M.Early, B.Mohan
SSHRC Travel Grant To attend & present papers at World Congress of Applied Linguistics,
COMP $ 1,559 1996 Duff  
BC Scholars to China Grant Research on acquisition and teaching of Mandarin & ESL; Inter-institutional linkages COMP $ 3,000 1995 Duff  
UBC-HSS* The acquisition of Mandarin Chinese by English speakers COMP $ 1,950 1995 Duff  
UBC-HSS Evolving conceptions of teaching English as a second language in British Columbia COMP $ 1,950 1994 Duff  
UBC-HSS Voices in the midst of turmoil and change: Language (re-) socialization in Hungarian dual-language schools COMP $ 1,992 1993 Duff  
UBC-HSS New Faculty Computing NO $ 4,000 1993 Duff  
UCLA-Office for Instructional Development
How much foreign language is there in the foreign language classroom? COMP $ 1,200 1989 Duff C. Polio

* HSS = Humanities and Social Sciences grant
** SSHRC = Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada

Research or Equivalent Contracts

Granting Agency
$ Per Year
Principal Investigator
UBC Teaching & Learning Enhancement Fund Teaching Non-traditional Language Learners (Part 3) COMP $ 22,500 2004-05 Duff

UBC Teaching & Learning Enhancement Fund

Teaching Non-traditional Language Learners (Part 2) COMP $ 25,000 2003-04 Duff
UBC Teaching & Learning Enhancement Fund Teaching Non-traditional Language Learners (Part 1) COMP $ 28,500 2002-03 Duff
UBC Teaching & Learning Enhancement Fund Spoken English Program COMP $ 33,500 1998-99 Duff & Ed. Library (J. Naslund)
UBC Teaching & Learning Enhancement Fund Spoken English Program COMP $ 35,000 1997-98 Duff & Ed. Library (S.Adam)
British Columbia Ministry of Education Adult ESL outcomes in public post-secondary institutions across BC COMP $ 200,000 1996-98 Steering Committee, Adult ESL Articulation