M.Ed Students Supervised (with Major Paper)

  • Bowler, Donna (1997)

    Paper title: The triumph of hope over experience: The SUCCESS IN… curriculum.

  • Michelle Tisza (1997)

    Paper title: Accessing language resources: A study of the enabling elements of an ESL program for immigrant women.

  • Koehoorn, George (1997)

    Paper title: Dialogue journals and computer mediated communication for ESL students.

  • Jin, Ying (1997)

    Paper title: An overview of current curriculum and textbooks for teaching Mandarin as a second language in the Province of British Columbia.

  • McTaggert, Heather (1997)

    Paper title: Investigating the use of French and English in North Vancouver French immersion classrooms.

  • Perttila, Teija (1996)

    Paper title: Interlanguage pragmatics of apologies and requests by native Finnish and English speakers.

  • Hong, Sun/Jennifer (1995)

    Paper title: A literature review of English-Only (or L2-only) policy and its implications for policy makers and pedagogical practitioners.

  • Tuzes, Tunde (1995)

    Paper title: Trilingualism, identity and education.

  • Thomas, Lynn (1994)

    Paper title: A language policy for Povungnituk: One teacher’s search for her place in the bilingual education of minorities.

  • Peggy Lee (1999)

    Paper title: Supporting the writing instruction of ESL students through First Steps.

  • Ching-Yi Wu (1999)

    Paper title: Uses of pictorial metaphor advertisements in ESL research and teaching: A study of adult Chinese ESL speakers’ descriptions and interpretations of pictorial metaphors.

  • Jung Hwang (2005)

    Paper title: Language learning practices in Korean/English intercultural families.

  • Adelheid O’Brien (2005)

    Paper title: Benefits and challenges in teaching L2 reading comprehension at the beginner level in a hypermedia environment: An instructor’s perspective.

  • Barbara Wakal (2007)

    Paper title: A TESL portfolio: Tracing TESL/SLA themes in four professional development workshops.

  • Brian Smith (2007)

    Paper title: Second language vocabulary development.

  • Susan Yatsuda (2012)

    Paper title: Between sound and silence: Language and identity in CODAs (Children of Deaf Adults).

  • Tina Lin (2013)

    Paper title: Between theory and practice: Analysis of British Columbia’s Integrated Resource Package for Mandarin Chinese and issues surrounding its pedagogical practices.

  • Anita Shum (2014)

    Paper title: Chinese language education….

  • Liam Doherty (2014)

    Paper title: Narrative language socialization through Chinese popular dramas.

  • Dean Jorgenson (2013)

    Paper title: More, less, or different: Understanding feedback practices in EFL/ESL writing classrooms.

  • Jessica Cassady (2013)

    Paper title: Overcoming obstacles: English language learners (K-12) and the acquisition of academic language in schools.