PhD Students Supervised

  • Naoko Morita (2002)

Thesis title: Negotiating participation in second language academic communities: A study of identity, agency, and transformation.

  • Masaki Kobayashi (2004)

Thesis title: A sociocultural study of second language tasks: Activity, agency, and language socialization.

  • Kecia Yim (2005)

Thesis title: Second language speakers’ participation in computer-mediated discussions in graduate seminars.

  • Sandra Zappa-Hollman (2007)

Thesis title: The academic literacy socialization of Mexican exchange students at a Canadian university.

  • Martin Guardado (2008)

Thesis title: Language socialization in Canadian Hispanic communities: Ideologies and practices.

  • Jeremie Seror (2008)

Thesis title: Socialization in the margins: Second language writers and feedback practices in university content courses.

  • Jean Kim (2008)

Thesis title: Negotiating multiple investments in languages and identities: The language socialization of Generation 1.5 Korean-Canadian university students.

  • Wendy Royal (2010)

Thesis title: The philosopher’s teahouse: Implementing a critical language pedagogy multicultural ESL academic preparation classes.

  • Tim Anderson (2016)

Thesis title: Negotiating academic discourse practices, ideologies, and identities: The socialization of Chinese PhD students

  • Alfredo Ferreira (2016)

Thesis title: Grammatical metaphor and the social genesis of abstraction in the writing of apprentice scholars using English as an additional language

  • Ai Mizuta (2017)

Thesis title: Memories of language lost and learned: Parents and the shaping of Chinese as a heritage language in Canada.

  • Victoria Surtees (2018)

Thesis title: Peer language socialization in an internationalized study abroad context: Norms for talking about language. 

  • Ava Becker-Zayas (2021)

Thesis title: Spanish heritage language socialization in late modernity: Translanguaging social identities and social memory

  • Liam Doherty (2022)
    • Thesis title: Peer mentoring among Chinese language learners in an online affinity space.
  • Raymond Pai (in progress)
    • Thesis title: A comparative case study of adult heritage Cantonese as a foreign language programs in North America: Heritage learner motivation and negotiation of identities.  
  • Masaru Yamamoto (in progress)
    • Thesis title: Multilingual Socialization within, across, and Beyond Social Networks: Changing Relationships, Negotiating Participation, and Discourse Practices During Study Abroad